• Residential Inspections: Single Family, Condo, Multi-family, Apartments and Manufactured Homes (Mobile). Buyers –  Sellers Home Inspections.
  • Commercial Inspections: Retail, Office, Garage, Warehouse or Light Industrial.
  • New Construction or Phase Construction Inspections: All types, Items, Methods, System or Building Code Requirements.
  • HUD-FHA/VA, MSHD HQS and Mortgage Certifications Inspections.
  • Limited / Special Inspections: We will design or develop an inspection to suit     your  needs. (Example: Roof, Barns, Sheds Addition Inspection or Play Ground Equip, Etc.
  • Owner’s Maintenance Inspections: Informing the owner of current conditions, and required repairs and preventive maintenance.
  • Consultation Services: To inspect, review, meet, confer or legal work as needed.

Our Home Inspection program:
1. The most comprehensive Home & Building Inspections available.
2. Extensive maintenance and preventive maintenance info.
3. Provides our” Energy Reduction Survey” to show you how to SAVE $ on utilities.

            Office:                                                 Covering all of southeast Michigan

                           1. Dearborn-Detroit-Southfield-Eastside Areas: (313) 277-2174

                            2. Westland-Ann Arbor-Novi-Plymouth-NW side: (734) 525-2929

                            3. Romulus, Downriver-Monroe- South side: (734) 671-6160

Jim CornishJim Cornish, ACI, CBI   Building Inspector/Owner