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Posted: May 15, 2010 in Inspector Jim's Blog


Welcome to my place!  Make yourself at home, and visit often….
Look around, it’s a nice place and it can be very helpful and informative, really..
As you can see, I own a building inspection company. We inspect most any thing that man builds or tries to build. Mostly, specializing in Residential Housing, Commercial Buildings and Consultations. We, also provide government required inspections HUD & MSHDA HQS Inspections.
Inspections on BIG ticket items are very important and can be very costly without them.
You must think of an inspector as your Financial Advisor. He will evaluate this Investment (the house), and assist you in make a solid investment choice. This will keep you from purchasing a  structural defect or a money pit. Once you own them, they will be very expensive and even costly to get rid of. It doesn’t matter if it’s a car, boat, jewelry a store or a house, an inspection of these items is worth it’s weight in gold.

  1. My hot water heater (40 gallon, gas) seems to run out of hot water very fast. It’s not leaking and is about 8-10 years old. What do you suggest? Do I need to replace it?

    Cold Showers in Jacksonville

    • If the heater is working correctly, then apparently you are using more hot water than the unit can provide.
      It would be unsual for a mechanical problem with the master control, but any thing is possible.
      The questions is: “how long does it take to run-out of hot water?” In 5 minutes, there’s a mechanical problem, replace the water heater.
      If it take 20-30 minutes to run-out, thats normal for a 40gal. unit. If you need more, replace it with a 50-60gal unit.

  2. My water heater keeps shutting off. The pilot light keeps going off. What should I do?

    Blown out

    • If the water heater is older (metal lined 8-10+yrs)(glass lined 18-25+yrs.), replace it. If it’s a glass lined unit, it will state it on the tag/lable somewhere.
      If it’s newer, the most common cause of pilot light failure is the Thermo-coupler, replace it. Simple job, check with your local hardware.

  3. Mr WordPress says:

    I have a problem with my windows steaming up between the glass panes? What should I do?

    Confused in Bellville

    • Well, Confused

      You must be referring to insulated windows. These have 2 or 3 panes of glass sealed with an air space between them. If the seal is compromised, air and moisture can enter between the glass, and the glass will become foggy and stained. Replacing the insulated pane is the only solution.
      @ Your service, Jim

    • Dual pane or insulating windows are sealed to keep the air out and gases in.
      As the window ages and with sun exposure, the drys out the seal and air and moisture can enter between the glass and condense.
      When this happens you’ve lost the thermo quality of the windom. You’ll need to replace the glass pane, not the whole window. hope this helps.

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