Fix Basement Dampness/Seepage for Less than $1000. (Most)

Posted: February 3, 2014 in Inspector Jim's Blog
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As an Inspector, 99% of all basements, we find dampness/seepage to some degree. This makes it a very common problem with very easy, and cheap repairs/corrections. The cause is: the failure to control roof and surface water. There are two systems that address, and are installed to avoid this problem.

When water stands too close to the foundation walls, this creates whats known as hydrostatic pressure. This is the force that pushes the water through the foundation/basement wall.

Controling the roof and surface water is very simple. The first system installed is gutters, downspouts and extensions. It’s very important to control the roof water and get it away from the basement wall. The second system is to have a good positive slope to shed water from the foundation/basement wall. The building code states; 10 feet. In 95% of all our inspections we recommended re-grading – provide a positive slope. Simply building it up with top soil, will do the job.

Be very careful when hiring a Waterproof Contractor. In most cases they’re not needed. They will take your money though.

  1. Virginia says:

    What is a dual sensor smoke detector?

  2. Ernie Thompson says:

    Informative. Thank you Jim.

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