Posted: February 3, 2014 in Inspector Jim's Blog
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If you think your heating unit is running more than it should, you’re probably right.. If your heating bill is alittle more (or a lot more) than you think it should be, it probably is.
There are a number of things homeowners over look (until it’s too late).
1. Attic Insulation: check it. If you have less than 10″ on the attic floor, your fuel costs
will be 30-50+% higher. As a Home Inspector I recommend 16″ on the attic floor.
2. Furnace air filter: If it’s dirty or clogged, the heat stays in the furnace. The unit
will run longer (wear it out sooner), and use alot more fuel $.
3. The heating unit should be serviced every year. If it’s checked, cleaned and
adjusted for the best performance.


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