About CHI

Our history: In 1992-3, we were considering starting a private building inspection company. After all, we had a construction co. that specialized in rehab construction since 1981. We had all this knowledge and experience, there should be little problem transforming from a contractor to inspector. That’s not necessarily true. Contractors are builders, they know how to build, but not necessarily able to recognize a problem or defect, and come up with solution/remedy. That’s where we needed more education on recognizing defects/remedies, and how to set-up an inspection business. There were no schools, and the inspectors out there feared competition, so they’d give you no help or information about the home inspection business.

Example of brick wall shifting

Jim hires 2 Inspectors considered (themselves) BEST Inspectors:

I hired two home inspectors to inspect my home. They thought I was buying it. Of course, we made separate appointments for each one. According to their advertisements, and speaking with these guys, they sounded very qualified as home inspectors. During these inspections, I found that they were not very qualified at all. This became apparent when I asked them simple questions, like; What would cause step cracks to appear in the basement wall?
Inspector #1 answer: It’s an old house.  Inspector #2 answer: “It’s hard to say”. A qualified Inspector knows this condition is caused from differential settling. The other problems I had with them, when I asked a question, they hesitated.That’s not very professional, including stating the wrong answers.
So, I decided to format my inspection procedure on what I would expect as a client from a home inspector.
I attended weekend seminars,  purchased a number of home inspection books, and did a lot of self-study. I made sure I provided a premier inspection going beyond the scope of a home inspection. I feel that we should be obligated to our clients to provide as much information during the inspection as possible. We needed to be the best inspectors we can be.
This is the reason Cornish Home Inspectors keep well educated with continuous education,  refresher classes and seminars.

Your Inspector,


Learn more about our services at Cornish Home Inspections, Inc..  Call Jim today at 1-734-525-2929 or go to: http://www.cornishhomeinspections.com


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