As a Home/Building Inspector, I’ve recently had one of the best compliments of my career as an Inspector. I’ve had hundreds of compliments and recommendations from our clients, but this one is very important because it actually compares our inspections with other home/building inspectors. A Realtor that’s been present for hundreds of our inspections, and overall thousands of inspections, stated to me; ” Jim, I’ve learned more from you on your inspections then another inspector”. Thought that was a pretty good indicator of how well we were performing. (Summer 2013 Realtor Don L.)
October 2011 you inspected a home for me. I recall the inspection report being very thorough and detailed including discrepancies that I wouldn’t have thought to look for. I’m need another home inspection….”
Anthony  (2011)

“if you need a referral or recommendation, call me. I was very impressed with your inspection”.
Jeff S. ( 2006)

“Want to thank you for the quality home inspection, and will call you for my next buyer”
Jim S., Realtor  (2006)

“I was recommended to you by Steve D..  He hired you 2 weeks ago, and highly recommends you.”
Neeraj B.  (2003)

“Thank you for the education on our new home. The Inspection was well worth the $.  Thanks, again.”
Matt & Lorene J. (2001)

“Lisa indicated to me that she was very pleased with the way the home inspections were conducted and the information she and Joe received from you.  I look forward to the next inspection through your company and my next lesson. Thanks again.”
Annette Z., Realtor  (1999)

“Jennifer and I wanted to thank you for a great job you did. I have recommended you to several friends interested in purchasing a home. Please accept this check in our gratitude.  Regards.”
Mark S. (1995)         (CHI credited their check to their next inspection)


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