Problems Discovered

Structure prone to fail.

Structure prone to fail.


Defective Foundation Wall

Defective Foundation Wall

This is a new construction we inspected for our clients. Couldn’t believe what I was looking at, took a couple of minutes to sink in. Thought there must be another structure that I could not see, but no. Couldn’t believe the lead carpenter, superintendent and building official missed this.






This wall has shifted-in 6″. This is considered a major defect or concern, and is very costly.


This electrical panel is a fire hazard. If the inspector did not remove the dead front of this panel, this Fire Hazard would never been discovered until it was too late. Be Careful who you hire to do electrical work.


Can you find the electrical panel?

Can you find the electrical panel?




This is quite remarkable, and was found on a garage wall.


Proper Chimney Flashing -NOT

Proper Chimney Flashing -NOT




Wrong flashing & valley methods.              Will leak, leak and leak….


                                       Basement Dampness and Spring are here…

Did you know? Basement dampness is very common.

Did you know? Most basement dampness can be corrected

with as little as $200-$400, and a good understanding on

what’s going on. We inspect basement dampness for a fee of

$225.00. In most cases the home owner is able to correct this issue.

The average basement waterproofing runs from $6,500-10,000+.



  1. This is the work of those contractors who want to finish their jobs ahead of time disregarding the quality.

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