Our Services


Our Complete Home or Building Inspection covers ALL MAJOR SYSTEMS including, but not limited too:

-Foundation -Exterior -Structure
-Plumbing -Garage -Heating & Cooling
-Electrical -Deck -Roof
-Ceilings & Floors -Basements -Doors & Windows

* Clients are welcomed, and are in fact, encourage to accompany the inspector on the inspection.

* The inspectors will be evaluating up to 1400+ items, systems and methods.

* Residential Inspections  (Site Built, Condo, Multi-Family-Apts, & Manufactured or Mobile homes.

* HUD-FHA-MSHDA HQS Inspections and FHA/VA Certifications.

* New Construction and Construction Inspections (All Types; Item, Method, System & Building Code)

* Commercial Inspections (Retail, Office, Garage, Warehouse, & Light Industrial)

* Limited or Special Inspections (Any Type, Item, System or Construction Method)

* Seller’s Inspection (inform the owner of current conditions/repairs needed b4 sale)

* Owner’s Maintenance Inspections (inform homeowner of existing conditions/repairs.

* Basement Inspections (for dampness or structural-before you hire a contractor.

* Environmental Surveys (Call for Details)


* Upon completion of our inspection, Cornish Home Inspections provides you with an “easy to read” analysis report. The BUILDING ANALYSIS REPORT provides you with 20 pages of pertinent, detailed information on all the systems inspected.


* Cornish Home Inspections, Inc. takes great pride in our staff of professional inspectors. Their many years of construction, inspection experience, training and education ensure a very accurate and comprehensive inspection of your property. Our inspectors are A.S.H.I and B.O.C.A. Certified Building Inspectors.

* Our inspectors are available for telephone consultations following the inspection. Just call!


* 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday – Sunday. (7 Days)

* Inspections may be performed within 48 hours. A typical inspection will take 2 to 3 hours, and is followed with an immediate report.

* We have very reasonable rates. For your convenience, we accept VISA & MASTERCARD. (process fee may apply)

  1. As much as you can provide. In this case the more is better. If it’s dark roof covering, we usually will recommend 4X what the building code requires. Insulation; our Climate Zone 5A for S/E Michigan and region, according to a university study if you have 16″ of insulation on the attic floor, you will have near 0% heat loss. That’s what we recommend. In most cases, having more than 16″, would be a waste of money.

  2. Jim W. says:

    How much attic ventilation and insulation do I need?

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